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101 Spares 1

Indicator switch cover £POA

Ambulance rear step £125 Door glass retainer £10 Door glass retainer £10

Door top RH complete £350

LH door bottom £195 SOLD OUT Door hinge (RH only) £25 Door hinge (RH only) £25
Mirror arm (pair) £ SOLD Bolt spring to front axle 800006 £4 each Ambulance knob for filter box £0.50 Ambulance knob for filter box £0.50

Seat bases  £19.50

RH front mud flap £30   Mud flap rubber £17

Roll bar £65 Hoodstick  front/rear only available £35 Hoodstick  front/rear only available £35

Door strap retainer £15

Front grill £85 Mount starting handle £ sold Engine cover retaining clip £1 Engine cover retaining clip £1

Door top seal £45 Front bumper stay £ Jack  handle £25 Engine cover retaining clip £1

Windscreen frame Glazed £295

Dark glass radio body £30 Expansion bottle cap £9 Rear LH tailgate hinge £35 Rear LH tailgate hinge £35

Body upright  £

Side hinge £5 Rear bumper buffer £poa Rear bumper LH £poa Rear bumper LH £poa

Land Rover reconditioned front axles  £POA (with or without steering links)

Track rod end  £POA Track rod end   £POA Steering RHD ends, track rod tubes  £POA Steering RHD ends, track rod tubes  £POA


picture to follow

Steering box RHD £POA

RHD inner column and nut assembly £poa Left hand steering ball joints SOLD OUT Drag link tube £POA Drag link tube £POA

Fuel filler cap £25

Seals £2.50

24v fuel tank sender £65 Fuel sender gasket  £2 Fuel filler extension £45 Fuel filler extension £45

Fuel filters (5) £25

Fuel return pipe £poa Fuel filter housing £25 Fuel pipe see V8 page Fuel pipe see V8 page

Winch prop shaft  £195

Winch wire rope £195 Fuel tank drain plug £12 Speedo Cable Inners £10 Speedo cable 589497 £45

Propshaft Rear £225

Vacuum pipe (red) £10 Overdrive £POA Overdrive £POA

See gearbox page

Clutch rod retainer £1.50 Gearbox selector top £poa Syncro £ Syncro £

Bearing outer (rear cover) £

Reverse selector £ Selector rod £

Selector £

Selector £

Ignition lead clip £

Layshaft £ Oil filler gasket £ Oil filler tube £ Oil filler tube £

Bell housing seal £

Gear 1st  £ Gear 2nd  £


Gear 3rd £ Gear 3rd £

Gear lever RHD £

Gearlever mount £ Gearbox mount £ Hand brake lever £ Hand brake lever £


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